Brookline Regional Catholic School    Excellence in Education

A Crossroads Foundation Partner School
Our Pre-School Program 

In addition to a traditional 3 year old and 4 year old preschool, Brookline Regional Catholic  is offering a Pre-K program designed for the four-year-old (early five-year-old child). It is a full –day program that is offered 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The instructional component of the Pre-K program introduces and reinforces basic skills and concepts that are relevant to the child’s interests and understanding. The child is provided with valuable academic experiences through thematic units. The schedule for each day includes language development, mathematical concepts, science/sensory, arts and crafts, and music.


At Brookline Regional Catholic School, we strive to create a special bond among students, home, school and church, so that all feel the strong sense of family and community

Parents may wonder, “Why should my child go to preschool?”

Parents are a child’s first teachers.

The preschool experience enhances what is being done at home.

Research tells us that a quality preschool

•  stimulates your child’s imagination

•  promotes physical, social and emotional development

•  provides opportunities for intellectual exploration

•  provides a nurturing and safe environment

•  integrates Gospel values into daily activities