Brookline Regional Catholic School    Excellence in Education

A Crossroads Foundation Partner School
Where Faith, Education, and Catholic Values Unite

Brookline Regional Catholic School is committed to a strong, traditional curriculum that seeks knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith, academic excellence, and moral courage. Our curriculum meets all the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and gives special attention to the integration of Gospel values.

One of the most important parts of the curriculum at Brookline Regional Catholic School is the Religion and Faith Formation program. This program contains a balance of doctrinal content, scriptural understanding, faith formation, prayer and worship experiences. Students participate in weekly liturgies, as well as daily prayer at the start and conclusion of the school day and lunch. 

The academic coursework at Brookline Regional Catholic School is designed to be both challenging and intellectually fulfilling. We are excited to offer a strong core curriculum of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies complimented by special subjects including Foreign Language, Physical Education, Health, and Music. Instruction in technology, computer literacy are offered as special subjects and are also integrated throughout the core subjects. Differentiated instruction for all ability levels enriches every classroom experience. 

The Department of Catholic Schools requires all Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh to be accredited through the Commission on Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.